SMC & MTM Chargers

SMC Chargers

Century Yuasa's SMC charger range offers customers with a reliable charge with no frills. Supplied preconfigured for your designated battery Ah and Voltage, these chargers are designed to operate straight out of the box.

MTM Chargers

Century Yuasa's MTM charger incorporates high frequency charging and Century Yuasa's approved charging algorithm to improve the charging time while at the same time reduce physical wear. Supplied pre-programmed to meet your specification, the chargers have the ability to be quickly modified to support a lower range of voltages and charging currents should changes occur on site.

Features of the SMC and MTM Chargers include:

• Industry leading charging algorithms, which improve charging efficiency and reduces physical wear on the battery
• Alarm indicators to highlight and log issues with the battery and charger
• High frequency power conversion with >90% efficiency
• Compliant to relevant Australian and New Zealand standards