Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries

Bolt-On VRLA Batteries

Century Yuasa bolt-on PZV batteries are designed to DIN standard. High manufacturing controls combined with unique design features provide these batteries with high cycle life and no electrolyte maintenance.

Features of the VRLA bolt-on batteries include:

• Low antimony alloy on the positive grids, which reduces the ageing effects typically associated with higher antimony alloy batteries
• Use of ‘red lead’ combined with strict manufacturing tolerances, which improves the structure of the active material ensuring uniform capacity between plates
• Bolt-on terminals designed to provide quick connection and disconnection of links during installation and maintenance
• Pole bushing mechanism used on the PZV batteries is a 100% acid tight connection of the pole and the lid
• Sleeve-enveloping separator system, which provides excellent electrolyte circulation and reduced movement as well as short circuit protection

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Monoblock Range

The Century Yuasa AGM battery range is designed to operate in a range of material handling equipment applications. The AGM technology ensures there is no ‘free acid’ in the battery; this allows the battery to be mounted horizontally or vertically. In addition, the battery uses a heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy grid construction which generates less gassing and reduced self-discharge.

Features of the AGM range include:

• Oxygen recombination technology means the batteries are low maintenance
• Special grid alloy means there is less gassing and less self-discharge
• Longer cycle life
• High quality AGM separator
• ABS case material