Solar Remote

Century Yuasa’s strength lies in our breadth and depth of expertise in back-up power systems, including solar.

Enersun Solar Packages

Century Yuasa’s branded Enersun remote back-up power systems are focused on being practically designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Century Yuasa takes a different perspective from the rest by making life easier when specifying, selecting and operating an off-grid (remote) power system. With a suite of scalable products and services, we are able to recommend a standard or tailor a package which strikes the balance between commercial obligations and technical integrity.

With some basic understanding of your utilities requirements, selecting a standardised Enersun remote back-up power package can be straightforward.  These packages consist of photovoltaic modules, array structures, outdoor cabinets and specialised power electronics.  All packages are designed using our in-house engineering capabilities to ensure that they are compliant with the latest Australian Standards.

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Enersun ESS Packages

The Enersun ESS packages incorporate a range of features to provide reliable 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC (nominal) power for your applications. The Enersun packages are supplied with all major components: array structure, batteries, photovoltaic modules, power isolation and distribution, regulator (power electronics) and system cabling.  Utilising Yuasa UXL Solar series (VRLA) batteries and crystalline solar technology certified to international standard IEC61215 Ed.2, these packages have minimal maintenance requirements and offer guaranteed performance under specified conditions. They are compliant to all relevant Australian Standards while still providing the flexibility to be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Enersun ESS Type 25


Enersun SSR Batteries

Since 1991 the Enersun SSR range of solar vented (wet) lead acid (VLA) batteries has set a benchmark for reliable energy storage for solar applications in Australia. Their reliable performance is a testament to Century Yuasa’s years of dedicated research and design experience, combined with its accredited ISO quality assurance programs. Enersun SSR VLA batteries are purposely designed and manufactured to provide a guaranteed performance in Australia’s harsh environment. For further information on Enersun SSR click here.

Enersun SSR Range

Enersun Gel Series

Enersun has an established reputation for providing reliable power in cyclic applications. The GEL Series of Enersun batteries are designed to meet the growing request for low maintenance energy storage in applications in both domestic and recreational applications. Incorporating both tubular plate and gel electrolyte (VRLA) technologies these batteries provide minimal maintenance and reliable performance. Constructed to international standards, the Enersun Gel (VRLA) series is constructed to survive Australia’s harsh conditions. For further information on Enersun Gel click here.

Enersun Gel battery