Intelepower CXS48: Key Design Elements

Duty of Care – reduction of risk

The unique feature of the Intelepower battery segregation means that your personnel are protected from unlikely hazardous events. Century Yuasa ensures full compliance with relevant safety standards.

Power you can rely on

With the reliability of Intelepower CX 1kW rectifiers and other CX components, the best MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is achieved. This can be further increased by the addition of a redundant rectifier (recommended). Intelepower CX systems use only premium Yuasa UXF batteries to provide reliable power.

Low maintenance and upgrade costs

The modular approach to design allows for low cost replacement of electronic components, normally without any disruption to supply. It also keeps costs involved with upgrades at a minimal level.

Low running costs

The high efficiency of the latest switch mode rectifiers, all done with high efficiency power conversion switch mode technology, means that the lowest possible electricity usage is achieved.

Easy to purchase and integrate into customer premises

Delivery, installation and commissioning are all done transparently and efficiently by the Century Yuasa expert team. All you need to do is supply AC power close by.

No power down time

Intelepower DC UPS are intended to be powered continuously with no off period, unless the AC power feeding the equipment is off longer than the designed autonomy time.


Monitoring is standard on Intelepower systems which are network ready with integrated SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and web page access. Flexible alarm outputs via CXCM can be configured to your special requirements.

Cabinet designs – indoor and outdoor

CXS48 Types 1 to 4 is a compact 45RU Cabinet on a single small footprint. Other cabinet designs are available to order.

Surge and lightning protection

All Intelepower CX Rectifier Modules include surge and lightning protection as standard. Additional protection can be added to most Intelepower DC UPS.