Intelepower CXS48: 12-Hour Backup

The Intelepower CXS48 is a nominal 48VDC output floating system, incorporating earth fault detection as standard which continuously and actively monitors leakage to earth.

To select the most appropriate Intelepower CXS48 system for a twelve(12)-hour back-up, both the actual continuous load and momentary (switching) load are required.  Use the matrix below to cross reference the power (Watts) or amperage (A) of both the continuous load (in the first 2 columns) and momentary load (in the first two rows) which are equal to or higher than your load, to select a system which meets these specifications.  For example a continuous load of 8A and switching load of 200A identifies a CXS48 Type 4-2.

Intelepower CXS48: 12-Hour Specifications

CXS48 Type 3-2

CXS48 Type 4-2

CXS48 Type 4-3