Century Yuasa has been providing batteries to the Australian Market for 85 years and is Australia’s oldest battery supplier.  Our industrial range of batteries are without peer, designed for robust use and manufactured to meet the harshest conditions.  Our know-how in battery technology continues to deliver superior quality and performance the market demands.

This means you can rely on and trust the quality and the experience Century Yuasa provides to its clients.

5-Year Design Life

The Yuasa NP series is a high energy Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery that uses advanced plate technology and sealed construction.  Its unique sealing technique prevents electrolyte leakage when the battery is mounted either horizontally or vertically.  The quality of Yuasa products offers absolute reliability with minimal maintenance.

10-Year Design Life

The Yuasa EN series of VRLA batteries use an advanced gas recombination technology and advanced seal construction requiring minimal maintenance. 

The Yuasa UXF series of VRLA batteries are designed to provide the highest possible energy density, while offering a true 10-year design life product.

The UXH batteries are constructed to yield even greater capacity than comparable batteries.  The UXH uses AGM technology which ensures that there is no 'free acid' in the battery.  This allows the battery to be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

15-Year Design Life

The Yuasa UXL series is a premium range of VRLA batteries offering 15-years design life.  Designed to the highest standard, these batteries display high levels of reliability and while incurring minimal maintenance.